Senior Advisors and Office Management

Dr. Michael Fuchs

Dr. Michael Fuchs

Executive Senior Advisor

Until 2017 Deputy Chairman of the CDU/CSU faction in the German Parliament (Bundestag), member of the CDU Executive Committee, chairman of the Parliamentary SME Circle of the CDU/CSU faction, Entrepreneur, former President of BGA


Klaus-Peter Schmidt-Deguelle

Senior Advisor

Klaus-Peter Schmidt-Deguelle was an advisor to the German government from 1999-2005, former Secretary of State and government spokesman in Hesse, editor-in-chief of VOX and a senior editor at ARD-Aktuell (Tagesschau/Tagesthemen) at the Frankfurt Broadcasting Company in Hesse.


Friedrich-Wilhelm Kramer

Senior Advisor | Head of GPA GmbH Hamburg Office

Former correspondent of ARD in Warsaw, editor-in-chief of NDR Hoerfunk, director of NDR’s broadcasting station (“Landesfunkhaus”) in Schleswig-Holstein, today: lecturer for media and politics in Hamburg und Riga.