Code of Conduct

The WMP Group is a leading, independent strategy consultancy for public relations and public affairs. We are one of the few independent German consultancies that is exclusively bound and committed to its clients’ interests. Through our network, we represent our clients‘ interests in the public sphere, towards political institutions and policy-makers, and with German and international business leaders. We are committed to an honest, transparent and fair relationship with clients, employees, competitors, the media, politics and the public. 

Our Employees 

At WMP, we make sure our services reach the highest standards, nationally and internationally. We live by our founding principles of transparency and journalistic fairness.
We ensure that our employees have the necessary qualifications to carry out their professional duties and that they treat their work confidentially, as our regulations require.
All employees are obligated to follow our code of conduct. Likewise, this code of conduct applies to our work with business partners and subsidiaries.
WMP insists that any partners and subsidiaries involved in shared projects, however complex, also follow this code of conduct. 

Our Clients 

Our client base consists of corporations; business, media, politics, culture and sports institutions; and individuals and states.
When selecting our clients, we abide by the following principles: 

  • WMP does not represent ideological and politically partisan interests. WMP does not advise organizations that oppose Germany’s liberal democratic order.  
  • We reject any mandate that leads to illegal or illegitimate acts, is complicit in them or attempts obscure them. 
  • We will reject any mandate that runs counter to German national security concerns. 
  • We exclusively advise states with whom the Federal Republic of Germany maintains cooperative and stable political and economic relations. In addition, the following special rules apply to mandates with foreign states: 
    • If Germany terminates diplomatic relations during the course of a mandate, we will cancel the mandate immediately. 
    • A WMP expert committee decides upon the acceptance of a mandate. In addition, the executive board has to agree with the mandate after consultation with the supervisory board. 
    • If negative developments arise which were not foreseen at the outset of a mandate, the executive and supervisory boards will decide whether to continue the mandate. 
  • If a potential new client is in competition with one of WMP’s current clients, WMP will always consult the current client before entering into a new business relationship. 

Our Standards 

When carrying out our professional duties, we give the best of our knowledge and experience in order to fulfill our clients’ expectations. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of creativity, motivation and diligence. We expect the best of ourselves and our external service providers so that we can meet our clients’ needs.  

WMP works for its clients based on written contractual agreements which clearly define the scope, the services and the costs of a mandate. We do not accept or grant any hidden clauses. It is important to us that the fees we agree on are fair in terms of the market and in relation to the services we provide. 

When cooperating with the media, we are committed to following regulations based on the German constitution (Basic Law), German press laws, and other professional codes (Code d’Athène, Code de Lisbonne & Code de Bordeaux). When working with political stakeholders, we adhere to national and international legal standards. Our actions are further guided by the principles of the German Association of Political Consultants’ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Politikberatung e.V.) code of conduct. We are open, transparent and respectful in our dealings with all other clients and business partners. 

In competition with other providers, we hope to win over clients by providing the best possible service at a suitable price. We value fair competition and this is what drives us to do our best every day. Our conduct is always professional when dealing with other service providers. We strive to maintain and improve the reputation of our profession. 

WMP treats all information concerning our clients and their interests as absolutely confidential. We would only ever share information about a client after obtaining their explicit approval to do so.