WMP offers expert consulting tailored to every area of industry and business. We use our expertise in each sector to develop individual solutions for our clients’ communications challenges. 


Financial Services

Years after the financial crisis, the public still mistrusts the finance industry. That means trustworthiness and transparency are essential for communications to succeed. The team in our Frankfurt office specializes in the particular needs and legal requirements of banks, financial service providers and insurance companies. We tailor communications concepts to your situation and ensure the communications we create are unique, persuasive and effective.

We support you by

  • Developing your equity story and presenting it to shareholders, investors and the financial media
  • Maintaining relations with investors, shareholders and the public
  • Drafting business and CSR reports according to all established reporting standards
  • Handling the media during your initial public offering, transactions, annual press conferences or in crisis situations

Health Care & Pharma

Few industries are as strictly regulated as the health sector. Our subsidiary WMP HealthCare GmbH advises interest groups, corporations, and institutions in this area. We detect political developments early on and help our clients react appropriately, and we actively put forth their political and economic interests.

We support you by

  • Identifying your political goals and developing implementation strategies
  • Presenting your corporate model and interests in the media and toward the target audience
  • Strengthening ties to important political stakeholders in the health care sector


Every day, Germans travel more than 3.2 billion kilometres – mostly by car, but also by bus, train and on foot. The mobility sector changed fundamentally with the invention of the car 130 years ago. Now, swift technological advances, increasing digitalization and a focus on the environment are overhauling this sector afresh, creating new communications challenges.

We support you by

  • Developing tailored communications to your target audience and a stakeholder approach
  • Strengthening your ties to policy-makers and regulatory institutions
  • Representing your corporate interests in the media and towards your target audience
  • Identifying political developments and communications early on, and finding ways to counteract these

Nation Branding

Nation branding enables countries to improve their reputation in politics, business, science, tourism and culture. We can create a brand for your country and share this image or messaging with the German public. Our communications and networking strategies will reflect and represent your interests, and establish a sense of understanding and trust.

We support you by

  • Strengthening your ties to contacts in politics, business and the media
  • Organizing events and public discussions on country-specific topics
  • Monitoring media coverage and identifying suitable opportunities for effective communication
  • Analysing important political and economic developments in Germany and the EU and recommending courses of action

Real Estate

The real estate sector includes more 70,000 companies in Germany, all competing for the attention of tenants, buyers, investors, project managers and shareholders. In times of spatial scarcity in urban areas on the one hand, and rural flight on the other, the issue of housing is a major concern for tenants, property owners, politics and the media.

We support you by

  • Preparing strategic communications concepts for real estate investments, project developments and real estate services, and rolling out communications measures to suit your needs
  • Crafting analyses of the political environment during project development and modernization measures, and drafting stakeholder analyses and strategies for handling policy-makers 
  • Developing preventative and reactive strategies and finding effective ways to handle crises

Retail & Fast-Moving Consumer Goods

Retail is one of the main pillars of the economy and is facing numerous social and technological developments. Growing customer expectations about product origin and ingredients, the digitalization of shopping, and attracting talented workers are just a few of the challenges in the retail business. 

We support you by 

  • Developing and synchronizing strategic corporate, brand and product communications 
  • Improving your employer profile through targeted employer branding measures 
  • Creating sustainability communications for your stakeholders 
  • Strengthening your ties to leading business journalists and societal stakeholders  

Technology & Industry

No company can succeed without digitalization, technology and innovation. All our tech, industrial and start-up clients work to develop complex new business models while keeping their stakeholders informed at the same time. 

We support you by 

  • Creating strategic corporate communications, or reshaping and optimizing your current activities 
  • Using facts and data to shape stories to update the media and your target audience about your activities
  • Identifying and maintaining media contacts to support you, and enhancing your company’s media outreach 
  • Developing corporate publishing formats and producing them in ready-to-print quality 


Germany’s new energy policy has radically transformed all aspects of the energy sector, from fossil-based energy sources to renewables. Different technologies for electricity production and heat generation are competing, not only to ensure that energy is produced in a safe, sustainable and affordable way, but also for public approval.  

We support you by 

  • Developing tailored communications concepts for your target audience and implementing them successfully 
  • Expanding your network to leading journalists who cover energy business and policy, from national and trade media
  • Telling your stories in press reports, campaigns, print materials and at events 
  • Introducing you to policy-makers and regulatory authorities to engage in dialogue about your sector