Extensive expertise in all key sectors

With offices in Berlin, Frankfurt am Main, Hamburg, Munich and Brussels, WMP offers outstanding consulting expertise in the most important industries. We use the practical expertise we have acquired over many years to develop and implement individual solutions for the special issues our clients are faced with. Many of our colleagues have held key decision-making positions as board members, supervisory board members, business leaders, ministers, state secretaries or consultants. Their professional expertise forms the basis for successful counsel – both in Germany and abroad. Our range of services covers all relevant sectors from financial services to utilities.

Credibility and transparency are pivotal for professional financial communications. Our consultants in the Frankfurt office specialise in the particular requirements of banks, financial service providers and insurance companies.

Hardly any other sector is as strictly regulated as the health sector. At the same time, hardly any other industry development directly or indirectly affects so many people. Our subsidiary, WMP HealthCare GmbH, advises associations, corporates and institutions.

Every day, Germans travel around 3.2 billion kilometres – mainly by car, but also by bus, train and on foot. Conditions have changed fundamentally since the invention of the automobile over 130 years ago.

With the help of Nation Branding, countries strengthen their reputation in the fields of politics, business, science, tourism and culture. The sovereign state is built up like a brand, as it were, and its services and messages are communicated to the German general public.

The real estate sector comprises more than 700,000 companies in Germany that compete for attention from tenants, buyers, investors and project developers. The intensifying rent discussion is shaking the real estate industry.

Retailing is one of the foundations of the economy, which is affected by numerous new societal and technological developments. In order to remain competitive, retailers and FMCG suppliers need to know the changing procurement behaviour and the expectations of their target groups.

No company can do without digitisation, technologies and innovations. Speed and resource deployment are crucial. It is also a question of redefining the relationship between man and technology.

The energy policy turnaround has changed the energy sector significantly in recent years, regardless of whether it relies on renewable or fossil fuels. The continuously intensifying environmental debate will change our energy use in the short term.