Our Services

We are a leading public relations and public affairs agency

WMP stands out for several reasons: Besides being independent, flexible and unconventional, we are willing and courageous to take on challenging and complex mandates. Furthermore, WMP knows how to give our clients a fair chance to be heard as many of us have held leading roles in business, the media and politics. We think and act holistically: Time and again, political decisions – reinforced by the press – have an impact on entrepreneurial actions, or our clients’ decisions are not only taken up by the media, but also by politicians. In the long run, issues can only be successfully conveyed by engaging a comprehensive strategic concept.
Our range of services covers all relevant areas of communication and representation.


A powerful and persuasive team of media professionals

Many successful journalists, TV and radio producers and digital professionals work for WMP in former leading positions in private and public media groups. We have learnt media relations from scratch and have a broad professional network at our disposal.

With our WMP-typical mix of curiosity, professionalism and experience, we are able to develop and implement for our customers bespoke and impactful communication concepts.

We see ourselves as lawyers for our clients who effectively represent their interests in public. We are always fully aware of the special responsibility of our actions.


Key messages for key recipients

Our public affairs specialists held leading roles in politics, business, media and society. We have extensive contacts and networks at our disposal and a deep understanding of policy-making, legal interrelations and thematic trends.

Our range of services:

  • We establish and maintain channels of communication.
  • We draw attention.
  • We create relevance.

Investor Relations & Financial PR

We help corporates and decision-makers deal with financial and business media. Our specialists translate your corporate strategy into the language of investors and analysts.

We assist issuers with financial reporting and support financial market transactions (M&A deals, IPOs, spin-offs, capital increases, bond issues as well as the fulfilment of reporting requirements.


Multilingual, print and digital

Our creative team of journalists, graphic designers and photographers can handle all your corporate publishing activities. We can manage the entire production process for you by developing the appropriate tools, copywriting and creating the layout. We keep a close eye on the budget and ensure smooth distribution. We adapt your content for all print and digital communication channels.


Target group analyses, 360-degree communications, storytelling

We develop content specifically for the target group. What moves your audience and what offers added value? We build on the insights you have into your users and stakeholders.

We help you to better understand your target groups and develop content that best fits those groups. We evaluate and optimise your reach.


Effective, fast and reliable

Crises are a real test of a company’s ability to communicate. Poor communication measures aggravate critical situations. This leads to serious reputational damage and losses in the operating business.

Our consultants develop industry-specific crisis solutions. We train your communications departments on the basis of realistic process scenarios. Your staff will learn to provide relevant information quickly and clearly. Together, we ensure that the public is informed correctly and comprehensively.


Distinctive, relevant and clear

What every CEO needs to succeed is a distinct profile, clear points of view and comprehensible vision, along with a touch of personality.

We develop the key messages for your internal and external communications. We determine the relevant target groups and train you to deal professionally with the media, partners and stakeholders. We provide you with all important information around the clock.


Confident, eloquent and self-determined

Media presence is becoming increasingly important. Interviews, guest appearances, videos, posts and statements are part of everyday business today. Digital information platforms enable anyone to address the public at any time.

Our media coaches are former editors-in-chief and producers. They design practical, individual coachings for TV, print, radio and social media.


Understand, accept, implement

Stakeholders need to understand, accept and implement the why, how and what of change.
Together with your change teams and their external advisers, our consultants develop and implement the appropriate communication tools.

Our goal is to convince stakeholders by articulating, explaining and exemplifying the new values in an understandable way.. This takes place through knowledge transfer, legitimation, participation, community building and dialogue.


Trust, credibility, relevance

Our communication aims to build your brand with the customer or to improve your image. We define communication goals on the basis of extensive SWOT analyses.

We analyse your target groups and define which communication channels to use for your campaigns. That is just part of a strategy where we clearly define the budget, the communications tools to be used and which measures are to be implemented.


Reputation, motivation, success

By 2020, at least 50 per cent of companies in Germany with more than 500 employees will have to demonstrate CSR measures. Capital markets-orientated companies are already obligated to report on their commitment to sustainability in their annual reports.

Together, we can set up the complex CSR process and support you in the development of a strategy and organisational structure. We produce your CSR reports and organise the exchange of views with employees, associations, trade unions, political parties and the media.


Competent, confidential, co-operative

Judicial disputes are increasingly becoming show trials in Germany and Europe as well. It is not uncommon for the press to have passed judgement before the proceedings have been concluded. Those involved in legal proceedings are often completely unprepared for the sudden surge in public interest that accompanies a trial.

With our litigation teams, we contribute to objective reporting. In close co-operation with the responsible law firms, we develop a clear and conscientious information strategy and implement it together.