Our profile – Strategic communication in the digital age

We speak communication.

Whether a company, individual, nation, government or social institution – we will help you to:

  • Work out how best to tackle your issues within the communications sector and set this out in a strong and effective strategy.
  • Develop a clear and convincing narrative so that the public knows exactly what your company is about.
  • Engage meaningfully with the key players in media, politics and economics.

We believe that the best partnerships are ones based on mutual trust and cooperation. With every client we take on we aim to build a successful and enduring relationship.

We combine our expertise working with traditional forms communication with the creative thinking that comes with digital media.

We are there to support our clients when they encounter negative press or problems within their companies and then to counteract them.


What we can offer you

  • Strategy development. We are dedicated to making sure that what you believe in and are passionate about is clear to the public. Our strategy specifies how you will reach your goals and our communication skills ensure you achieve them.
  • Proactive engagement with our clients. We pride ourselves on our ability to react swiftly and successfully when it comes to putting in place the strategy we have set out for our client.
  • Extensive knowledge of how to manage and enhance our clients’ reputations. We closely survey what happens in the media, politics and general public so as to identify anything that could impact your reputation and then advise you on how best to counter these risks.
  • Dedication to well-researched tactical approaches. We do not let sensational media sway us or lead to snap decisions. Instead we follow our well-researched and personalized plan to make certain that our client´s brand is successfully and accurately publicized.
  • Extensive support during public image issues. Whenever you are faced with a difficult scenario in the media we will be there to advise you and help you out of the situation.
  • Finance consultancy. We combine business, political and economic expertise to give our clients the maximum amount of support, for example when it comes to the restructuring, buying or selling companies.
  • Internal communication. We fully engage with your company, working not just at board level but with employees as well. You are in control of what direction your company takes and we are there to provide the communication support you need.
  • Corporate publishing. Whatever the format; print or online, whatever the type of publication; employee, customer or internal, we can advise you on any press or editorial matter.
  • Litigation PR: We can advise you on how best to handle legal disputes. Everyone has a right to legal counsel in a court of law. We will be your voice when it comes to public justice processes.
  • Government consultancy: As with companies, we also work with international governments to make sure their concerns reach the German public and therefore the European Union and the Eurozone.
  • Hybrid Communication: We combine traditional and digital media experience to give our clients the utmost support.
  • Healthcare Policy: Through WMP-Healthcare we aim to tackle the highly regulated sector that is healthcare policy. There are both complicated media and political issues to consider which is why we connect renowned experts from the healthcare sector with our clients to help them to drive their concerns.

How we work

  • We cover issues spread across economy, media and politics.
  • We focus on our client´s public image. We want to free you from any biased or one-sided reactions and incite passion within the market for your brand.
  • We give our clients the opportunity to work in an environment brimming with insight and expertise where all of their concerns can be successfully tackled.
  • We track and analyze the current media atmosphere so we can give our clients the competitive edge by warning them in advance about public policy threats or potential opportunities.

What makes us different

  • A management team made up of talented individuals with years of experience working as journalists, political advisors and experts in communication. They have all come from leading positions within German media, business and politics. We are therefore not only passionate about what we do, but also successful.
  • Experienced teams who bring together media know-how, PR expertise, business and finance communication and sensitiveness to digital trends.
  • An internationally renowned board of directors including senior CEO´s, prominent politicians and leading figures in business whose expert advice helps broaden our networks and deliver our client´s vision.
  • Insightful analysts who know how to single out the information needed for our client.
  • Links to powerful figures in the media, economy, politics, unions and administration that are based on trust and personal contact.
  • A wide-reaching network of contacts that can support any client. Skilled professionals from various influential sociopolitical and economic fields are on hand to advise corporate groups.
  • Complete autonomy as one of Germany´s leading independent communication consultancies.