Our Story

Ernst-Wilhelm Rittinghaus, Werner Kathemann, Prof. Dr. Roland Berger, Ulf Rittinghaus, Dr. Jürgen Rabe (fltr)

WMP EuroCom AG, based in Berlin, is an independent communications consulting firm for business, media and politics. Our clients include governments, national and international corporations, SMEs, associations and, above all, decision-makers. We support them with high-profile strategies and connect them with the media. 

Our history begins in Hamburg in 1998. Amongst our founders: Germany’s consulting legend Roland Berger, the renowned journalist Hans-Erich Bilges, long-time German Foreign Minister Hans-Dietrich Genscher, former President of the Bundesbank Karl-Otto Pöhl, and entrepreneurs Ulf and Ernst-Wilhelm Rittinghaus (Sachsenring). Shortly after, Ludger Staby (CEO of Reemtsma, today Tchibo) joins the company.

Majority shareholder and senior advisor Hans-Hermann Tiedje, previously advisor to German chancellor Helmut Kohl and former editor-in-chief of Germany’s largest newspaper BILD

In 2000, the original WMP merges with TV Media of former BILD editor-in-chief Hans-Hermann Tiedje to form WMP EuroCom AG. In 2010, long-time Porsche CEO Wendelin Wiedeking acquires a stake in the company. Today, he is the second-largest shareholder. Hans-Hermann Tiedje holds the majority of the shares. 

As of September 2022, Dr. Immo von Fallois leads the company as CEO in the tradition of its founders and history. The Supervisory Board is formed by Prof. Dr. Bernhard Link (Chairman), Dr. Jürgen Gerdes, Ulrich Marseille, Dr. Frank-B. Werner, Kristin Schwarz and Max von Waldenfels.