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Communication is everything. Without communication, there is nothing. In times of radical change, authentic and sustainable communication is more important than ever – for employees, customers, capital markets, and  politics. We enter dialogue on your behalf – focused and honest. We make certain that your products, your ideas, and your strategies can be heard and provide orientation.


Remaining successful in the face of constant change is one of the core tasks of entrepreneurial activity. Achieving efficiency and gains in productivity, garnering competitive advantages, and improving the market position – this is what makes up the daily agenda of decision-makers.

Times of radical change demand adjustments in strategy, the development of new business models, and a break with traditional value chains and industrial clusters. Decision-makers need clear, far-reaching, and targeted concepts in response to:

  • the EU Green Deal and the transformation of Europe’s economic system
  • climate change and an energy revolution for the economy as a whole
  • political correctness and good corporate citizenship
  • risk of reputation due to extreme sensitivity – sustained by changing social norms
  • human rights, and fair trade, digitalization, and the internet of things
  • localization of supply chains and departure from the successful concept of globalization
  • the platform economy as well as consumer and purchasing behavior
  • nutritional trends and work-life balance
  • diversity issues and gender-neutral language
  • COVID-19 and the uncertain consequences for business and society thereafter
  • new economic blocs versus renationalization
  • the move away from fossil raw materials and the loss of value of entire industries and clusters all the way through to national value chains.

A storm is brewing. Disruptive change is on the horizon. Communication is everything.


There is new thinking when it comes to business and politics – driven by investors and analysts, consumers, and employees. This results in radical change in companies of every sector – from small businesses to medium-sized companies and global corporations, all the way through to entire national output chains. To underscore your competitiveness, we shape and sustain this change together with you.


Communication is everything. This is true  not only for companies and politics, but for associations and organizations as well. We all have to address capital markets, labor markets, the media, and public opinion – on every channel, every single day. This is what makes for success today.


The value of a company is as good as its communication. Image and reputation on the markets are created through genuine, intelligent and sustainable communication – the messages that drive value. Modern communications management requires determination, experience, networking, and masterful craftsmanship.


The interdisciplinary approach from political consulting to financial communications, to strategic communications consulting from a single source – a visionary idea back then that hasn’t lost its power to this very day.

Roland Berger
Co-founder of WMP and shareholder until 2016

We as small and medium-sized companies need to be more open about our services and better market what we do.

Pia Nottenkämper
Managing Director of Hermann Nottenkämper GmbH & Co. KG, Hünxe

Truthful communication to all target groups is vital for survival, especially in moments of crisis. Crisis prevention, in particular, is becoming increasingly important.

Heinrich von Pierer
Former Chairman of the Managing Board of Siemens AG

To think big, you have to build global bridges

Sigmar Gabriel
Chairman of Atlantik-Brücke, former Foreign Minister, and SPD Chairman

In business, reliability and openness are what counts. This is especially important when it comes to communication.

Peter Tamm
International Maritime Museum Hamburg, publisher, shipbroker

Disruptive business models – from startups to unicorns – need modern, real and sustainable communication.

Maximilian von Waldenfels
Founder and entrepreneur

Our Heads

Moritz Barckhausen
Board of directors

Part of the WMP family for more than 10 years

Triple master's degree in international business: focus on company building, business development and finance.

Founder + CSO in the AI sector along with several years of experience in leading positions in German SMEs.

About himself: “Everyone needs a passion – mine is people.”

Ulrich Porwollik
Senior Advisor

Modern halfback

Almost 20 years in business journalism

Almost 20 years in corporate communications

My wife says about me: “Grow up finally!”

Me about me: “But I prefer to have fun.”

Henning Marten
Board of directors

Six years of communicating for WMP

Twenty years as managing director & TV producer with a focus on “knowledge”

Four years of office management at the Lower House of German Parliament (Bundestag)

Guest lecturer at LPRS

Passionate sailor

About himself: “There is more beyond the horizon.”

Louis Hagen
Senior Advisor

Member of the BILD editorial board for 13 years

Writes for BILD every week

A total of 20 years of communication for WMP

Guest lecturer at TU Berlin

About himself: “Words are my passion.”

Susanne Horstmann
Managing Director Munich

Around 30 years of strategy consulting

Communications consultant for 25 years, most recently Global Head of Corporate Communications at Roland Berger

Main focus: corporate and CEO communications, reputation management, media relations.

About herself: “Listen, consider and communicate.”

Friedrich-Wilhelm Kramer
Senior Advisor

ARD correspondent in Warsaw

Editor-in-Chief at NDR Radio

Director of Schleswig-Holstein regional broadcasting center

Deputy Speaker of the Senate in Hamburg

Lectureships in Hamburg and Riga

Hamburg bureau chief

About himself: “Clear, North German and Hanseatic.”

Nadja Wolf-Fischer
PR Consultant

Germanist (M.A.) with social media at heart

At WMP Munich since 2018

“Implement good ideas immediately, rather than being stuck forever in the planning.”

Andreas Schwenk
Senior Consultant

Public Affairs & Corporate Communications

Chairman of an advisory board for EU & foreign policy in North Rhine-Westphalia

Expertise in campaign management, public relations & diplomacy

Motto: “Think globally. Act locally.”

Sabine Terko

Assistant insurance sales management for 27 years

WMP accounting / HR since 2013

Matthias Schau
Office manager

Trained banker / banking specialist

Self-employed insurance specialist

Seven years as office manager for Prof. Justus Frantz at the Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival

At WMP since 1999

Life motto: “There is power in tranquility – but not when it comes to Richard Wagner.”

Christian Dose
Senior Consultant

Consultant for public and investor relations for 20 years

Many years of experience as a journalist (e.g. WELT am SONNTAG)

Lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt

Privately portrays the beauty of our planet as a content creator

Frederik Winkler
Working student

B.Sc. European Studies at Maastricht University

Interests: Future technology, tennis

About himself: “Life without a pug is possible, but pointless.”

Anika Gaudian
Assistant to the Board of Directors

Part of the WMP family for 5 years

5-star hotel industry in Germany, Switzerland & Spain

CRM business analyst

My motto in life: “Ain’t no sunshine when I’m gone.”

Klaus Kimmel
Senior Advisor

25 years as a sports journalist – from recreational sports to the Olympic Games

Deputy editor-in-chief at BILD

Twenty years at WMP

“Stay grounded, listen, think, then act – my formula for success.”

Luca Tilly
Working student

Student of history, sociology, politics

Social democrat

Perfectionist, handball player, graphics pro


Ulrich Tilly
Partner and co-founder of WMP Healthcare GmbH

Studied agricultural economics in Göttingen and Bonn

Ministerial Director (ret.), leading positions in the Federal Ministries of Health, Labor and Social Affairs

Since 2010 strategy consultant in every area of the healthcare sector

“Every path is right if the destination is unknown.”

Bianca Haverkamp
Office Manager Healthcare

Many years of professional experience in the hotel business and tourism in Germany and abroad

Eight years at the German Federal Ministry of Health, Minister’s Office and Press Office

Healthcare policy advisor for the past 11 years

About me: In keeping with Van Gogh: “Passion rather than boredom.”

Rhona Karadeniz
Junior Consultant Healthcare

M.Sc. Business Administration | Health Economics and Healthcare Management

Internship at BMC Managed Care

Experience in project management and team leadership

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