CEO Communications

A distinct profile, clear points of view, unequivocal goals – these are the critical factors of success for any CEO. We combine traditional and digital communications to achieve that. We benefit from our reliable relationships with decision makers in business, media and politics.

We develop the core messages for your CEO’s story and define the relevant target groups, providing your company with its own personality brand.

Case Studies

International Service Company

The heirs of an international service company with sales in the billions disputed a testamentary disposition of the founder, with one of the parties playing out its position through the media. The successor and managing owner of the company wanted to maintain discretion and not further jeopardize family cohesion by acting in the same way. WMP was engaged to appropriately strengthen the reputation of the sitting owner in the public and especially the published opinion. Background discussions with the media and a careful repositioning of the company’s leader as a knowledgeable and approachable business personality contributed to balanced reporting. The civil proceedings ended with an out-of-court settlement.

Globally Active Family Business

A family-owned, global technology company with billions in revenue was in economic distress. The appointed Chief Restructuring Officer hired WMP to support the company’s communications team. In the process, the reputation of the heir, managing owner in the tradition of the founder, similarly required promotion. WMP supported internal and external communications during the reorganization, which lasted several years, with a focus on internal communications and appropriate coverage in international business media. The reputation of the company’s leader was thus enhanced and the management improved its professional competence in the public perception. The Group and the owner family received fair media coverage during the complex restructuring process, ranging from the sale and liquidation of parts of the company to the merger of the core business with a major foreign supplier.