Corporate Communications

In a fast-changing world, communications strategies must be constantly adapted to respond to – and influence – new developments. We support our clients in their public positioning and enhance their visibility. In close cooperation with our clients, we develop flexible communications strategies that send clear messages and strengthen their perception.

Our top priority: securing our clients’ reputation among all stakeholders – such as the general public, customers, employees, non-governmental organizations, political decision-makers and investors. You set the direction. Our strategy leads you to your goal.

Case Studies

E-Mobility Start-up

WMP was commissioned by a start-up in the field of e-mobility in the founding phase to build up its public visibility and develop its strategic direction. In the process, the company, which entered the market as a first mover, had to assert itself against a growing field of competitors and respond quickly to new legislation. We supported the young company through extensive media work, in particular with placements in leading German publications and relevant consumer magazines. WMP handled all press and media relations at the beginning of the mandate and advised the company on setting up its own communications department. This enabled the client to communicate independently and effectively. As a result, the start-up was able to establish itself as a market leader and hold its own despite market consolidations.

LNG-Terminal Operator

WMP supported the expansion of a leading European LNG terminal operator with comprehensive media relations. Our client’s goal was to strengthen economic cooperation in the much larger German market and attract new investors. Our work helped bring the company, and its expertise in this energy-critical sector, into the public eye and position it as a suitable target for German investment.

Interest Representation

WMP develops a new strategy for a leading German industry association to strengthen its public perception. To this end, new topic areas were developed together with precisely tailored storytelling. The goal is to provide more information about the client’s industry and to differentiate itself from other players. By repositioning itself in the public, the association becomes the opinion leader in its industry, capable of effectively representing the interests of its stakeholders. Furthermore, we advise on the realignment of communication in social media, a targeted approach to reach representatives of German media, and the development of our client’s own formats.