Crisis Communications

Difficult situations demand the right answers. As a leading crisis communications firm in Germany, we support our clients in tackling difficult reputational risks. These might arise from restructuring, takeover attempts, unforeseen business incidents or compliance issues.

We help to set up a risk management process in order to anticipate developments and take precautionary steps. Proactive and preventative communications scenarios are of utmost importance to keep information flows under control and limit communications mistakes in times of stress and uncertainty.

Case Studies

Automotive Supplier

WMP handled all corporate communications for a major automotive supplier at short notice in the context of an economic dispute with a leading global car manufacturer that threatened the company’s existence. Based on a comprehensive analysis of the current situation, a 5-person team developed a concept within 24 hours and rolled it out via internal and external information channels. As a result, all key stakeholders – business partners, employees, media and politicians – were comprehensively briefed on the causes of the crisis and appropriate solutions, thus restoring confidence in the company’s management.

Camera Manufacturer

WMP created a new crisis communication concept for an internationally active camera manufacturer. This involved working through crisis scenarios together with the company’s management and developing appropriate response modules that would enable rapid and successful crisis management if necessary. The clearly defined procedures in the form of checklists were bundled in a manual for the newly established crisis unit. Practical exercises were used to familiarize all relevant senior staff with the new procedure. In addition, an emergency hotline was set up between WMP and the company’s management.