Government Advisory

We advise federal and state institutions, as well as international governments on communications and public diplomacy initiatives. Our tailor-made strategies help you with investment or tourism promotion, political crisis maneuvering, cultural event management or in preparation of delegation trips and government meetings.

We formulate our clients’ interests and messages for the relevant media, prepare policy guidance based on political analyses and provide comprehensive monitorings for press coverage.

Case Studies

Business Diplomacy

On behalf of a national investment agency, WMP accompanied state visits and business delegations with comprehensive media work. Furthermore, WMP supported targeted location marketing for free trade areas. The objective of the mandate was to strengthen bilateral trade and investment relations between the client country and the German economy. WMP contributed to increasing public awareness of the country’s unique economic features and positioned it as a suitable destination for German direct investment.

Stakeholder Communications

The foreign ministry of a European member-state mandated WMP to carry out a media campaign, enhancing the member-state’s reputation in the context of EU enlargement. The main component of the mandate was to create awareness regarding the country’s success and opportunities, but also to reduce the risks of imprudent action. WMP helped to correct misconceptions about the state’s government’s political motivations with fast and precise media activities, and established a dialogue with relevant stakeholders in the interest of the client.

Political Crisis Management

The embassy of a foreign country commissioned WMP to implement an acute crisis communications campaign. The campaign incorporated a communicative defense strategy against attacks from the ‘other side’, such as the challenging of the client country’s territorial integrity. Deliberate misinterpretations of the client’s executive motivation had to be counteracted quickly and effectively. Thanks to WMP, the client was able to regain the prerogative over his media narrative and to correct circulating misinformation.

Education Campaign

WMP developed an information and education campaign on behalf of a public institution. We conducted a broad stakeholder monitoring, regular reportings and specific engagements with selected political decision-makers, civil society figures and media representatives. This strengthened the position of the public institution within a discourse on the acurate depiction and presentation of historical facts in the public sphere. Simultaneously, it became possible to successfully integrate the position into political decision-making processes.