We support you in your communication during legal disputes and accompany you in the event of judicial proceedings. Everyone has a right to legal counsel in the court of law. But what about the court of public opinion? The public often reaches a verdict before a judge’s ruling is issued.

Reputational damage can be minimized the sooner legal and communications professionals team up and prepare strategies to deal with the challenge. After all, being right does not automatically mean receiving justice. You can win in court, but lose the battle over public perception.

Case Studies

Entrepreneurial Personality

WMP supported the media work in the civil law proceedings of a renowned German entrepreneur and philanthropist against an internationally known top manager and group chairman in Germany. The plaintiff demanded repayment of a loan in the high single-digit millions. During the proceedings, the defendant and his lawyers employed drastic media activities and statements, some of which had to be denied and which were successfully put into perspective in the media coverage in the plaintiff’s favor.

Medium-Sized Enterprise

WMP managed the communications of a medium-sized company in the waste management industry that had come under fire from NGOs, the media and local politicians for alleged misconduct. WMP assisted in the complex and long-running criminal proceedings against several defendants, which were split up and tried before different chambers, as well as civil litigation efforts by the client. The company was able to increase its share of voice and find its point of view reflected in more balanced coverage in the published opinion.