Media Training

Many WMP consultants are journalists and understand the German media landscape from their own experience. That’s why we offer in-depth media training. Our specialty: TV and interview situations, as well as workshops for communications departments.

We help you deal with journalistic inquiries, find the right way to approach stakeholders and credibly advocate your agenda. We tailor our services to your individual concerns, personal strengths and goals.

Case Studies

Textile Retailer

For a large German textile retailer, WMP developed a modular, hands-on media training program for management and corporate communications. In workshops lasting several days and tailored to the company’s specific requirements, WMP practiced professional dealings with TV, print, online and radio journalists under realistic conditions. Led by experienced media professionals, the workshops focused on the core competencies of “storytelling,” “self-perception and perception by others,” “message development,” “interview techniques,” “formulating press releases and statements,” and “press law dos and don’ts.

Think Tank

For the management of a think tank focused on international politics, WMP implemented a TV training for the successful handling of TV interviews. In a realistic setting, WMP trained the client in various question and answer situations. The articulation of key messages under time pressure played a central role, as did the targeted control of facial expressions and gestures, the right accentuation as a stylistic factor, and the right outfit for the situation at hand.